Rude Pilots @RJTT

Good day everyone,

Today, I was controlling Tokyo Intl. (RJTT) on the training server and I encountered some very rude pilots who spammed every message they sent, taxi requests, pushback requests… you name it, they spammed it. They were not contacting me on Tower or Ground and entered and crossed runways without my permission, and the worst part about it was that they were grade 4 users!! I was seriously concerned with the lack of professionalism and communication skills these pilots showed at Tokyo. Is there any way I can report this type of behaviour to admins or moderators?



Yes absolutly, you show report them to admins/moderators,
because they are grade 4 users!

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High Grade doesn’t mean that they will be professional, all it will show is dedication to the game.

Training server will have these types of players and there isn’t much to be done, the server is made to prepare those for expert server.

Unfortunately you cannot do anything there, since its Training Server. The training server its supposed to be a learning enviroment, both for Pilots and ATC. So, you cannot report in TS since controllers can abuse the system easly, for no reason or something else.

The Grade doesn’t mean anything. There’s a lot of high-level users who have these kind of behaviour.

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If there was a deliberate and severe instance of trolling, you can contact @moderators.


yes, but it looks like they are doing casual server behavior

Its normal in Training Server for this to happen

I don’t think you can do anything. They’re in Grade 4, but it’s on Training Server. If you want more realism, just go to Expert Server. I sometimes make mistakes in training, but I see the training server more as a casual server with violations. You don’t need to follow the rules, you don’t need to contact the ATC because you are training. Tho, I think training is the first step towards realism and it is very important to follow the procedures so when you are able to access Expert Server, you have more experience. I don’t know if I can understand but I don’t think Grade 4 will be reported for that.

He might not be part of IFATC so expert server wouldn’t be an atc option

Of corse. But he can always apply :)