Rude callsign

sorry if this isn’t in the right topic
anyway today during a flight in southern California when I had spawned and was getting ready to taxi to the runway when a C-130 spawned with a rude callsign…I suppose you all know what WTF means, yes that’s what his callsign was
I do have screenshots to provide too

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What do you want done about it?


If you find it offensive, might I suggest that posting a thread about it along with several images of it will do nothing but exacerbate it and give it even more exposure?

I would suggest PMing a MOD. There are policies in place. They can take care of it without bringing even more attention to it, if you find it offensive.


A thread like this will not help just ignore it and report him in game if you are really bothered contact a moderator they might do something about it.


If this offends you, the internet is not the place for you.