Rudders with liveflight

So I use liveflight with my side stick but I don’t have rudders and it is very hard on landings/takeoff as I vier to side and cant really adjust it if you guys know a way I can set custom rudders that would be great.

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Some joysticks have another axis where you can turn the entire stick left and right to control the rudder.

What model joystick do you have?

No I dont have that model I own the Thrustmaster USB joystick.

I looked up the model and unfortunately it seems its one of the only ones by Thrustmaster without the “Rudder Twist” mechanic as its called.

Without it or rudder pedals - unless you can map one of the the buttons or controls on the joystick to the rudder then there’s not really anything you can do.

To the forum: If someone else knows of another method - please say so :)


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Yea tried to map my racing pedals but was not able.

Your best bet would be to get a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. It has a twist axis for yaw/rudder and works fine with Infinite Flight. Look around on second hand markets. I have this joystick and I’d recommend it. Takes time to get used to it but it works just fine.

Well I could buy rudders for £88 where the 3D pro is around £100 but I would have to sell my saitek yoke but yea It could be call if IF added rudder axis thoe.

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That’s why I’ve said get one second hand. If you’re talking in £s, then you likely have access to CashGenerator, Cash Converter, CEX (sells it for £30 according to their site, but its out of stock at them online) or ebay (or check this) I’ve got mine from Cash Converter and paid IIRC £25 for it.

I was able to get my pro flight yoke to work with IF but not the connected rudder pedals. If you already have the yoke, just assign rudder to one of the throttle quadrant’s axis and you’re all set. Not the most convenient thing, but could save you some ££s.

Also, if you set Auto-Coordination ON in the settings of IF, you can use the yoke roll axis to move on the ground (couples yaw and roll together) and then you’d only need the rudder during final.
If you think about it, your hand would be already on the throttle quadrant to adjust your speed during final. Left lever for throttle, middle set to none and right lever for rudder. It’s not hard to move those levers and your pinky finger could easily slide it up/down (if you have small hands set the rudder to the middle lever) If the wind isn’t variable, you’ll likely need to set the rudder (lever) to a specific position during short final and then on touchdown just set it to neutral and control the aircraft’s rollout with the yoke’s roll axis.

The rudder axis is there, as I’ve said it works just fine with the Logitech 3D Pro. It more the case whether your controller supports it or not.
IIRC even my xbox one controller’s trigger buttons or the right thumbstick’s X axis was possible to set to rudder.

As I’ve said, not the most convenient way with the yoke and the throttle quadrant, but it could work and as you already have that, it won’t cost you a penny. Let me know what you think, or even better: give it a go. I will check this out myself as well as I was only thinking about this since I’ve realised my rudder pedals don’t work. Probably only tomorrow, after work.

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