The rudder control button disappeared! Look at the screenshotEAF1083B-F740-4110-AAB4-DA5BF534756C

Has this happened multiple times?

In this case, restart your app.


Did you try restarting your IPad that’s probably the easiest fix

First time. I restarted the app, but still missing.

Reinstall it then, that should sort it out

Will try that. Thanks.

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Go to your settings page and go into your control panel and see if you haven’t activated your yaw configuration.

Is a joystick connected by any chance. This happened to me

Got the rudder control button back after reinstall, but now although I bought the one year suscription, do not have the planes. So, i tried the Restore Purchases option, but planes do not download.

Are you using the same account it was purchased with?

Use this:

Same thing happened to me just hours ago after I watched a replay of my landing. iPad Air 1

Is the issue sorted now?

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