Rudder while flying with Joystick

Hey there!
I am using joystick for IF but I don’t have pedals to control rudder. I was wondering how to control rudder with joystick?


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Hi @CptJackJones , does your joystick have a rudder axis? Joysticks such as the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro allow you to rotate the joystick to control a rudder axis

If there isn’t one present on the device, I don’t believe it’ll be possible for you to control it from the joystick, and you’ll have to use the device screen.

Nope. It only has throttle & few buttons to control spoilers, flaps, A/P…

Does Joystick work really well with infinite flight?

Yes. Everything is normal but I don’t know how to control rudder.

Then sadly as there isn’t an axis present, you won’t be able to control the rudder with it. It might be worth investing in a new joystick (such as the aforementioned 3D Pro, can’t recommend it enough especially for the price) or waiting until you have a set of rudder pedals.

Hmm! I would just use rudder on the mobile or whatever device u using!

Damn, I think I actually have pedals but they’re so old. Anyways thanks.

If you are connecting them to your device via your pc (liveflight/mapflight), as long as drivers exist for the rudder pedals you should be able to use them.

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Yup yup. Thanks omg… <3

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