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i never knew I would make a support topic

Hello community members! So, I’ve been trying out flying some widebody airliners (787-10 for example), and I noticed that upon landing, it’s very hard (as in plane barely moves) to correct the aircraft using the rudder until reaching a certain slower speed. Can somebody confirm this is normal? I regularly fly the DH8D, so I’m not very used to big fat planes.

This is infact normal.

In the newest update, the rudder was tweaked to make them a tad more realistic. this ofcourse also happens in the real world. Or the winds are strong, etc.

I’m sure similar topics similiar to this one has been posted before.

The problem was also resolved here.

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Oh I see. Then how do we correct the aircraft in crosswind landing conditions then so it doesn’t ever off the runway?

I believe you use the rudder to line up with the runway just before touchdown.

Just use the rudder to straighten the plane to the runway and you shouldn’t be veering off ;)

Thing is right Nate, I can’t

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From my personal experience, I would use more rudder if that makes sence? I use too slide the rudder left or right a little bit as it was real sensitive, but now I just slide that thing hard to correct my self.

I’m sliding it to the right/left as much as I can, but the aircraft doesn’t respond until like 100 knots or something. So I’m worried that upon touchdown my aircraft will veer off the runway before I could actually use the rudder to correct it.

You should not be only using the rudder as the only way to glide your self down. Use minor corrections, tilt your device left or right a little, but don’t over tilt your self. Minor corrections + rudder my friend.

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You need to adjust before your plane touches the ground. Or at least before the nose gear touches the ground. That’s what I do and I never have any problems.

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So your aircraft nose should be aligned with the centreline before touchdown?

That’s what a lot of us said 👍🏻


Exactly, that’s a legit technique used in real world aviation.

It doesn’t need to be center center. That’s is nearly impossible. Just make sure your little circle thing when in HUD mode is on the center line on the runway.

I suggest visiting

Seems like this topic could answer a lot of your questions about being on center.

Ah ok. Just tried correcting the aircraft on the ground before the nose touched down, and it worked. Not very used to big aircraft, but thanks for the responses.

dun get me wrong I know the nose should be centrelined and you use rudder for landing


You’ve got it! I’d suggest reading more on crosswind landings and different techniques here. Should help you out in the future.

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