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Hey guys! During crosswind takeoffs I have to use my rudder (obviously). The problem is, I can’t seem to do anything else simultaneously. For example, I can’t easily put my gear up while I’m holding down the rudder, and if I let go my plane stops out of control. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to use the rudder and do these other things as well? Thanks!

I have the same problem!

try using the ailerons?

Release it slowly and carefully, you don’t need to retract the gear as soon as you lift off

Once you have released it then compensate with your ailerons and retract the gear, put AP on etc. Planes do drift a bit during crosswind takeoff’s so don’t worry about maintaining an exact runway heading either.

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Depending on what device you’re using this may be practical, but I’ve always used my thumbs for throttle and rudder and will use my pointer finger to retract the gear while still using the rudder.

EDIT: What @Chatta290 said especially. Fly the plane first! If conditions are bad you may consider easing off the rudder and establishing a controlled initial climbout before messing with anything else.


I’ll give it a go later today 👍🏻

Yep certainly doable on an tablet.

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I’ll try that as well

I typically go cross handed - similar to what Tyler said - and I’ll keep my right thumb on the rudder, but reach over with my left index finger to hit the gear.

Side note: I also do this often when turning off the runway to keep it smooth. I’ll be using my thumb on the rudder to turn, but I’ll use my left index finger to retract the flaps and spoilers, apply necessary braking, and turn off my lights (wouldn’t it be nice if there was an explanation for proper light usage 😂).


quickly get off the rudder then quickly retract the gear and go back to rudder. I’ve learned this the hard way; )
But first what plane were you flying?

Focus on completing the takeoff and entering the climb successfully and don’t worry about the gear unless you’re going to go past the minimum speed/altitude for gear up.

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