Rudder problems

In this video here. It was a almost perfect no hud 35 knots gusting to 45 knots crosswind landing. But for some reason my rudder just stopped working and I couldn’t stay in the centerline can some one explain why?

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Looks like with the gusts it’s over the 737’s maximum crosswind component which would explain your rudder not being able to keep you on the centerline.


Oh what’s the max?

For a B738, the max crosswind component is 35kts if the runway is dry, and 15kts if the runway is wet.


Ha! So you’re right up there with the limit - attempting to land 35 knots crosswind is very difficult. @Airnico_9962_on_YT

Effectively the the rudder can only do so much to help you counter the crosswind. When you exceed that your rudder’s ability to yaw is limited due to the crosswinds overcoming the force exerted by the crosswind.

Oh ok yes the. The gust when over the max amount rip. I didn’t think that IF simulated that

Yup lol

Ok thanks is there a place where I can find the max winds for all planes?

Well with the gusts it kind of adds some more crosswind component so the gusts may be affecting it i think.

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A Google search usually does the job.

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Honestly speaking, a simple google looking for the maximum crosswind component does the job.

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here is some explanations I thought of :

  1. that there was a sudden change in wind direction and with it gusting at 35kts its a possible factor to your rudder not operating properly. ( keep in mind that your rudder did function because you were able to keep your plane off the grass during the go-around)

  2. you applied to much pressure on the rudder it couldn’t handle.

P.S you should maintain a higher speed with winds gusting at this much speed. It will help you to recover faster in case of wind shear

it took some time for my comment to get approved so a lot of what I said is already mentioned above :)

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It wasn’t exactly crosswind it was more of a head wind but the winds were so much that’s it turned crosswind

Also thanks for spending all the time to write all of that and your right my rubber was working it just wasnt working on the ground

So it was the head winds slowing me down also I was at 142ias

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