Rudder Pedals not detected

Hello, I got the Logitech rudder petals along with the yoke and throttle for Christmas and the rudder isn’t detected. Is there anyway to fix it.

Im using liveflight connect

Hey @BadPlane

I also got the same thing. I haven’t tried setting up the rudders yet (apparently they are a hassle.) Were you able to get the yoke working properly. It’s acting kind of strange for me.

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Yes I was. It wasn’t a problem

Im going to get started on the rudder petals soon and let you know what happens. I just want to know if you were able to get reverse thrust to work on the thrust levers…if so how did you do it

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I have em and they can be a hassle. Does your yoke have a USB port in it? It helps to plug the pedals into the yoke and not directly into the computer.


I tried and it didn’t detect them

Ok. Are you using LiveFlight Connect? Or are you connecting them straight to your device?

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@BadPlane I just tried connecting mine and mine seem to be working. Did you set yours up yet?

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