Rudder Pedal Question

Please correct me if I’m wrong…

I’m told that on a Cessna 172, the rudder pedals operate the rudder and the toe brakes operate the wheel brakes. The ground steering is accomplished by braking the wheels independently and to varying degrees and the nose wheel is simply a caster.

Is this also true for a Cessna 208? Also, does the yoke truly have no effect on the rudder or ground manouvering behaviors? In other words, it’s all foot pedals?

Same question for a Boeing 737 and Airbus A320… I know the nose wheel is steered with a tiller. Is there independent left/right wheel braking? Is the yoke (or stick) in any way coupled to the steering on the ground?

Thanks in advance. Hey, I’m learning here!

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Jets are indeed steered with a tiller but still have independent left/right braking as you describe.


To complete what @Aernout said (please tell me If I am wrong), Airbus’ side-stick have no connection with the tiller. Turning the side-stick won’t turn your front landing gear. On ground (Normal Law - Ground mode), turning the side-stick full left/right will give you spoilers 2 to 5 (on left OR right wing, depending on the direction you turned the side-stick) all at 35 degrees + full aileron (25d.)

The yoke has no effect on ground steering on a Cessna or a 737.

For a 737 there is the foot rudder pedals which do give some steering but it is very limited - I can’t remember the exact figure but it is something like 5-10 degrees so only useful for keeping the plane on the centreline for take-off and landing.

The foot brakes are at the top of each rudder pedal in a 737 and can be independently operated by pressing down the top of the rudder pedal - so you can apply more left than right if you need to.

For normal ground steering on a 737 the tiller is used which is on the side panel. This gives something like 80 degrees of nose wheel steering.

Awesome everyone! Just what I was looking for!

The reason I’m asking is I’m working on a modification to my pedals. I wanted to be sure I was headed in the right direction.

Might have to add a tiller now though! :)


To complete what you said.

Exactly, merci Axel! This is for roll control.

On ground, you still get spoiler 3 at 35 degrees if you are in Normal Law.

Yes, just posted this to complete :)

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