Rudder Pedal Help

I’ve decided to switch over from a joystick to a yoke and some rudder pedals.

I’m now using the Logitech Saitek yoke and the Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals.

Whenever I go to set the rudder/yaw up in IF it either: 1) takes the throttle out or 2) stays at -76% and won’t move.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling IF as well as Liveflight.

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Generic response 01;
Chances are it has something to do with the calibration of your pedals. IF is recognising this 76% as the input from your pedals. Make sure they’re aligned correctly, and check back here afterwards.

Hey, thanks for the response! They look aligned to me. Also, when I go to adjust the rudder it doesn’t move at all either.

Have you actually tried starting a flight yet or are you basing this completely on the controls screen? I sometimes have a similar issue with the throttling, but it rectified itself in a flight?

I have tried it with a couple of flights, yes.

If I set the rudder to a spare lever on the throttle quadrant, it works. However, it’s not ideal to control the rudder with.

It’s getting the rudder to work properley with the pedals that’s doesn’t seem to be working.

When you are on the calibration screen within IF, do the numbers actually changed if you move the pedals?

What device are you on?

How is everything connected?

The numbers don’t move when I move the pedals, that’s what my issue is :)

I’m on an iPad Air (first gen I believe).

I have a yoke plugged into a 4 port usb hub which is then plugged into my laptop and the pedals are plugged into one of the usb ports on the yoke.
I have also tried plugging the pedals into the usb hub as well, but that still doesn’t make a difference.
I’m using Liveflight Connect running on a Macbook Air.

Everything worked fine when I used just a joystick without any pedals or anything. It’s since I tried the yoke and pedals.

Just to check do you think there is any firmware to install for the pedals at all and do you definitively know they are supported on IF or even on a Mac? Some of them aren’t you see

I’ve checked and I don’t believe there is any firmware/drivers to install.

The pedals are compatible with Mac as they work for other software I use them for as well, and I made sure they did before they were purchased. If needs be, I do have a windows laptop that I’d be able to use, however, it’s not really ideal as that laptop is really slow, even after being cleaned, plus the battery doesn’t work properly either.

And, after looking through the forums, I believe they should be supported by IF.

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