Rudder or Auto Co-ordination?

  • Rudder
  • Auto Co-ordination

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I have auto coordination on because sometimes when I move the rudder to one side it doesn’t turn as much than the other.

Auto-Coordination is so unrealistic it makes me sick.


I know, right.

It’s when you can tilt your device to turn the nose wheel instead of using the rudder. It’s not very efficient though.

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I use the rudder because it helps me enjoy any view especially both wingviews for take-off.if you have auto co-ordination on …you might find yourself off the runway :p

Autocoordination for takeoff is a nightmare! The plane veers off the runway! With the rudder, you can lay your device down while taxiing, and it is very realistic.

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Lol, that happened to me during takeoff at one of the Infinite Flight Olympics events. @IceBlue might remember me skidding around in circles on the runway 😂 For some reason it turned back on after restarting my device without me knowing so I missed a whole round of the competition 😠🤔

I used to use Auto-coordination back in the nimrod days. Back when I thought ‘Line up and wait’ was line up in the queue behind the chain of planes holding short waiting for takeoff…


Not really. You need to check the wind first and tilt your device slowly. Infact, you need to check if you can hold the plane straight while taxiing. There might be a fault with the default control setting.

You cannot deny that the graphics are incredible though… IF is a way better overall simulator but the graphics and animated instruments in Aerofly…

Rudder all the way! (All the way to the runway that is😉)

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