Rudder not working

Hey there,

With the new update, I have experienced something that looks like it’s only happening to me.
When I try to spawn, after I prepare the flight and I pushback, my rudder is not working and I can line up on the taxiway. I can see the “button” moving but the wheels of the front gear are not moving at all.
I have tried to spawn at another parking spot, other airport, in other server and in another aircraft but the issue it’s still there. I have checked my sensitivity and that’s not the issue. My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Android 10.
Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

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did you try restarting your device?

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Yes, I’ve tried that

I had that but it seemed to sorted it self out.

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Last night I decided to wait and I went to sleep, now, in the morning, it’s the same

I have an iPad Pro and I had the same issue a few times already when taxiing the front gear just wont turn - I’m going to wait a few days now it’s just not fun

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Just found out that it’s also impossible to Rotate, The plane won’t take off at 300kts

This sounds like an issue with your Controls settings. Go into the page shown on here and press “Restore Defaults”:


Hello, just did that and it looks like it’s working now. I don’t know what exactly happened because I haven’t changed anything before. Thanks a bunch!

Great to hear it’s fixed, thanks!