Rudder not turning

Is anyone having problems when you try to turn your rudder and it’s doesn’t turn?

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Could you be a little more specific about the conditions under which the rudder doesn’t move, please? Are you trying to move the rudder during pushback, or perhaps you’re using a network controller?

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Make sure you’re not pulling down on the rudder while turning, it activates your brakes.

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That shouldn’t affect turning ability though, just slows you down.


Are you talking about the rudder brakes or something else? From my experience I am not able to turn anymore when I reach 0 knots. Could just be my bad memory though so please forgive me if I’m wrong.

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Is your Auto-coordination ticked? Double check in the IF settings and untick it if it’s ticked.

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You are correct, you can’t turn when your ground speed is 0 knots because, well, you’re at a standstill. However, when you pull down on the rudder controls to brake, you see the box turn orange (meaning brakes are engaged); and you can also feel and see the plane slow down, which is why Adam and I doubt that braking is the cause of the issue OP is experiencing.


Alright thanks!

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I also have learned to sometimes get some forward momentum and the (sharp) turn, because at a standstill it is really hard (if not impossible) for some planes to start rolling when you are trying to make a sharp turn. C-17 and C-130s are known for this characteristic in IF if my memory stands correct.

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