Rudder Not Showing Up

Big problem, my rudder isn’t showing up, I’ve turned off all IF API, restarted IF 3 times, restarted device, and made sure that I was updated.

Keep in mind I used Fly-by-Wire before, but I made sure it was shut off, my phone is off, my phones WiFi is off.

I just want to use rudder. Please don’t tell me reinstalling is the only way.


Check your control settings and make sure the rudder is disabled (so it shows up on screen). That should fix it.

Thanks! Moderator close thread.

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Just flag the topic and it will be closed by a mod

I have, thanks anyways.

Same thing happened to me using Fly-by-wire. I’ve since uninstalled FBW but I had to restore default controls for my rudder slider to return.