Rudder moves without input


I have encountered a problem where the rudder starts to turn all by itself without any input. It happens on different aircraft (B787, B757 etc). I use the Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X as joystick and throttle and usually move the rudder with a button behind the thrust lever. I have used this joystick and throttle with Infinite Flight since 2016 and never encountered this particular problem. Does anyone know how to fix this or have noticed the same?

Here is a short screen recording of the problem. I do not control the rudder movements to the left. I only try to center it again with the right rudder.

Hi, do you happen to have “auto-coordination” on by any chance? It is in the middle of the list in settings -> general

Hi. No it is not on.

Maybe yaw is accidentally mapped to something. Check your controls page to see what the axis for yaw is mapped to.

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Hi, I believe this may be due to a common problem found on Thrustmaster Joysticks. If I am not wrong, at a certain point, the RZ-axis potentiometer would start to register ghost inputs due to usage over time. You can search google for more information regarding the Z-axis problems.

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Thank you! I will check this out :)

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