Rudder issues

I’m having issues where my rudder will let go. Like I will drag it to one side and either my plane won’t turn or the rudder will let go. This happens on all planes that I fly with.

Same here-you’ve gotta be cautious to go to the edge of the device and no further. If you put in full (right usually-it’s on the bottom right of device) rudder, and slide over the edge of the device-the slider will hold in position, but the command in sim isn’t recognized. Adjust your technique a bit and you shouldn’t have any more problems.

I had this issue once. Try restarting your I device by holding down on the home and power button at the same time (assuming you are using an apple device) and it should solve the problem.

This is assuming it is a problem withe the touch screen/software…

If it is just a technique issue refer to @FBWFTW’s post above

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