Rudder issues

Hi! I was pushing back with a Japan airlines 737-900 at the Osaka Friday night flight event and once I tried to turn to the taxiway. The rudder started to go uncontrollable. Same way as I was landing a 737-700 Scandinavian Airlines to Zürich. While I was landing with the Boeing 737-700 I skidded off the runway and I always check while landing that the rudder is fixed. How can I solve this issue?

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Sometimes if you open a menu or pause the sim while using rudder it can get stuck in that position. Also if this is not what you meant could we get a little more detail on “went uncontrollable”.

PS: I think this should be in support. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yep, it should be in support.
Also what you said about pausing the sim while using rudder is completely correct. This happens to the best of us.

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It doesn’t want to go to the heading that I wanted and I always use the rudder gently and I don’t open the menu or pause the Sim. I mean when I try to go left, the rudder goes stuck and the rudder changes the direction automatically.

Is your autopilot on?

Was your autopilot heading on? Or do you still need help?

No, i dont turn on the Autopilot on the ground

Is your device calibrated when you land? do you ever use autopilot while landing?

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Try turning off auto-coordination in your settings.


I calibrate the device while landing and I don’t use auto pilot while landing

Perhaps you could share the replay with us, I’m still not entirely sure what you meant by “uncontrollable”. The rudder sometimes gets ‘jammed’ when opening a menu, but you said this wasn’t the case.

Some do slight use of brakes until they have control on the rudder, especially when landing with a crosswind

I had turned it off but it still didn’t help

The rudder issue has been fixed. Thanks for your support

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