Rudder issues

Forgive me for nagging, but the topic is closed and I feel the need to deliberate further and probably make a request.

The new rudder feature is appreciated, much work was done on it I believe. But maybe we should ask ourselves if the new functionality is realistic or not, let alone making it easier to take off or land. My issue with it for me is take off. I lose control of the plane when hitting 100kts and only realize as soon as it lifts off that it sways sideways, simply because I had no control of the plane just before rotating. In short, no more smooth takeoff. It’s only common knowledge that the faster the movement of the plane, the more sensitive the rudder should be, not stiff. Landing has also become an issue, I have to apply 100% reverse thrust to quickly reduce speed and regain control of the plane.

So I suggest the rudder be restored to it’s original state.


I have found that taking off/landing with the new “stiff rudder” is easier now. If FDS reverted this back to the original state, you’d regret it immensely once you got your hands on the CRJ.

Turning off Auto Coordination, found in the settings menu, can help crosswinds that could be on the field.

  • Make sure you’re using the rudder slider at the bottom of your screen for all movement on the ground.
  • Use the rudder slider bar in the flare to straighten the aircraft out from any crab you may have had on your approach.
  • Ensuring the aircraft is tracking straight down the runway is essential for the first 110+kts. This is easily attainable by using the rudder.

I experienced this too, and it was annoying, but it’s an easy fix. When you land, the nose of your plane tends to “skid” towards and into the direction of the wind. If the wind is coming from your left, the plane’s nose will veer left upon touchdown. You can land a bit to the right of the centerline to ensure that you won’t go off the runway while on rollout.


Exactly what DeerCrusher said. It just feels more natural now and easier to control than before now that nose wheel steering is effectively disabled once above a certain speed. What made it hard before was you needed so little input while the nose gear was on the ground. So there was a large difference in rudder input required depending on if the nose gear was on the ground or not. I love this update to the rudder and I can now consistently perform crosswind takeoffs and landings without veering all over the runway.


The change that was made was to the rudder while on the ground. As you increase speed it will be harder to steer. The functionality of the rudder while taking off has not changed. If there is a crosswind, you need to apply rudder, nothing has changed in that aspect.

When landing, if you are off center and are going 130kts on touchdown, you are going to struggle to steer it until you slow down, thats it.

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Ok, thanks for all the responses, but then I get the sentiment that many will be comfortable with it as it aids with keeping the plane straight at high speed. I’ll try and get used to it:-/