Rudder Issues

Hello everyone,

After the recent update, when you touch down with all of your wheels the rudder becomes ineffective until a certain speed. This means if you do not correct for the wind prior to touching down, you’ll most probably end of the runway. It really makes it almost impossible to use the rudder. Anyone else experiences this?
Device: iPad Pro 9.7


The rudder/nose gear was tweaked for this update. As you slow down turning becomes more drastic.

It’s very hard to correct when it’s really windy, anything can be done about it?

Do you have auto-coordination selected on in your settings?

No I don’t. I don’t want to turn it on as I don’t want to turn left and right by turning the device. I think that this is an actual problem that needs to be fixed, try it out for yourself.

I’ve had this same issue. Landing on the A321, rudder is absolutely useless until under 80 knots. If I’m not perfectly lined up I drift closer and closer I the edge of the runway.


It’s not a bug, it’s a new feature. I don’t know how useful that is and if it actually makes things easier. There were actually multiple support requests about it. Anyway, here’s a quote of Misha.

A321 Rudder Bug:

Except that when there is no crosswind it creates an almost impossible landing. Thrice have I gone almost fully off the runway on a beautiful landing. All because my rudder was useless lol

If your rudder was useless and there was no crosswind but you couldn’t stay centered then that’s pilot error.

I think so many people are so used to going dare I say full rudder that this is now an issue for them.


Pilot error that I can’t turn no matter how much force I put on the rudder!? If that’s pilot error I didn’t know I was such a bad pilot because I’ve made worse mistakes then that

It’s possible he didn’t land exactly on the center line and when he touched down and went to correct he barely had any rudder control.

This is not a problem, people. You just have to adapt your skills to this change. Or do you find it realistic that the airplane will turn with it’s nose wheel at 140kts? :)

The change wasn’t made on the rudder, the change was how much the rudder control input would affect the nose wheel at higher speeds.


I landed just left of the centerline by inches and the whole time I went from 130-80 I drifted left because my rudder wasn’t working

I know in real life they don’t use the nose wheel to turn when they’re taking off/ landing but I’m sure they have a lot more control from the rudder then what we have.


Probably not. You are most likely overestimate your own skills and underestimate theirs :)


It wouldn’t make sense for them not to have a lot of control on the rudder if they need it though.


Well I guess I gotta get used to it lol. Great reason to practice my 321 landings

They use ailerons too you know.

You do realize we have a couple of real world pilots in the testing team :)


Just practice and it’ll be fine. I promise it’s a good feature once you get used to it (: