Rudder issues after using a Joystick

Before I started using a joystick my rudder worked perfectly fine but after I connected my Logitech Joystick to Infinite Flight my rudder isin’t responding on my aircraft when the rudder button is working and moving on my screen. Aircraft is the 787-8.

We must be sure you are following all the steps listed here

I can connect and use the joystick, its just after I have used and disconnected my joystick that the problem occurs.

Did you check that after you connect the LiveFight connect thing, go to settings and had configured each button of the joystick?

Yes, the rudder works when I use the joystick but not when I use the touch screen.

When Z Axis has problems (get it?)

When you bind a key, it doesn’t work on-screen anymore. So choose wisely

If you delete rudder selection then you can control it on screen. When you bind rudder with yoke or joystick then you cannot