Rudder glitch

I had a slight issue where I slid the rudder left But both the rudder and front landing gear move in the opposite direction. This problem stayed after recalibrating and after starting a new flight, as well as trying both the a350 and 737. The problem didn’t go after restarting the app, either. I had to restart my device for the bug to go away.

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Do you have inverted controls on?

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When this happens again try turning the AP on and off

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Hey there. I think the marked box it turned on for you. Could that be the case?


It was working normally before, but I never touched my settings. If it happens in future I will try that though :)

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Hi! Welcome to the community😊

Regarding the rudder issue it’s quite a peculiar one as I’m not sure if I’ve experienced that before. So a first recommendation from me is to maybe give the app some time, reset to factory defaults, then fly maybe in a couple of minutes or hours.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll also say maybe delete the app as a whole then get it fresh from your respective App Store.

Like I said it’s a very peculiar situation but I hope these suggestions help.

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