Rudder gets stuck after landing

Recently, I’ve been noticing a very intrusive bug that has caused me to lose control of my aircraft while landing and taxiing. When landing, my rudder will get “stuck” and requires a lot of pull to get it to move. When the rudder does finally move, it jerks the plane to the side. I attached a video showing my issue. The bug only occurs during landing and after, not before takeoff.

Video of bug

Device: iPad Pro 2018
OS: iPadOS 15.0.2
Newest version of IF

Does this happen only with infinite flight? I’ve noticed something similar when it’s really difficult to use the drag and vector tool as ATC, but it goes away after a short time and is not specific to infinite flight, so it’s a device issue for me

It seems to only be Infinite Flight. My iPad is usually really smooth. I did notice that it has started to get warmer after flights, so perhaps it’s overheating. Wondering if it might just be a hardware issue.

Sometimes you’ll be able to purposefully fix your rudder in a certain position by using the map function. By setting your rudder to the side, and then clicking on the map feature - The rudder will become locked in place.

Are you sure you haven’t accidentally locked it in place or misclicked somewhere?

It usually happens when u open ATC while you have it in the active position. IF plz dont take that out. It works well for emergencies and I love it

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I’m quite sure. I am aware of that bug and use it sometimes for fun. This is definitely not it, and it’s pretty clear in the video I attached. The rudder moves, but gets locked in the center and requires a lot of pull in order to get it to move. This has nothing to do with opening the pause menu or ATC menu.

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