Rudder Control Slider

Hi, I would like to put a suggestion forward if I may. I am not sure if the Devs read this but great if they can keep the rudder control available when swithinb between main control screen and light switch page. Nothing worst than trying to taxi around a corner whilst trying to turn on strobes, landing light and seatbelt sign for takeoff.

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There is already the rudder control slider in the systems screen.

He’s saying he wants the rudder slider in the lighting screen as well which I think is an excellent idea it does hold your turn when you switch screens but that sometimes is bad as well.


Good idea-Relevant to me. Stop the plane, go to the lighting page, then keep moving in the meantime before it’s added (If it will be).

Moved to features.

I just tested, the rudder slider, is available in the lighting page when you are standing still, when you go forward, the rudder slider will disappear.