Rudder completely ineffective during crosswind landings

Hello all, this has been a recurring issue for a long time now. Any time I am landing a jet in crosswind conditions, regardless of how perfectly stable the approach is and how aligned the plane is with the centerline upon touchdown, once the mains contact the runway, the rudder simply doesnt work. The nose will slowly start pointing into the wind despite any effort to get it back the other way. Once the nose landing gear touches down, the rudder still does nothing until I completely let go of it and try again.

For what it’s worth, I do have auto-coordination turned off, but that couples the rudder with ailerons, that shouldn’t seem to be the issue here. To me, it seems like as soon as the landing gear contacts the ground, the “rudder” control switches to only control the nose wheel steering and has no input on the actual rudder, meaning you have zero steering until the main wheel touches down. Visually, I can see the rudder moving but the physics aren’t there.

If anyone has any tips let me know. The amount of perfect flights that have been ruined by the plane inexplicably veering off the runway is becoming increasingly frustrating.

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The rudder works fine for me…

What I do is that at around 500ft before touchdown i use the rudder to align the nose of my plane with the runway (*u need to do some correction with ur ailerons too) and i continue my approach till touchdown, it tends to veer just a tiny bit off the centerline, but with more rudder pressure, I get it back on track…

If i knew how to upload a video here, I would be happy to show u

One recommendation that I can give u is that u can hop in Solo Mode, and practice crosswind landings using different methods regarding the rudder 😊

Yes I’m familiar with proper technique, like I said the nose is longitudinally aligned, but it doesn’t matter how straight it is at touchdown, eventually the plane is going to weathervane into the wind the longer you roll. And if I had a screenshot or video to show you I would, but the rudder is completely deflected to one side with zero response. It’s not a question of more or less input but rather what would be causing it to not work at all.


I understand, well u need to wait on a dev or someone who knows a lot about IF to explain what is causing that…


If I’m not mistaken, this is because the rudder is generally ineffective at higher speeds when on the ground. It’s the same reason why the aircraft is harder to turn when you’re approaching the maximum taxi speed (35 knots).

You can also take a look at Chris’s reply regarding this topic below.

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Hmm that’s interesting but still doesn’t really make sense. I can understand nose wheel steering being less effective at high speeds, but the actual rudder (keep in mind the nose wheel is still off the ground at this point) should be far more effective at higher speeds, not less. Thanks for the info.


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