Rudder bug?

When I use the left rudder, the maximum will be about 90° angle but it only goes like 70° when I turn right. it started doing that out of nowhere.

It might be because the edge of the screen, if you click from the left of the rudder and then drag across to the right, does this help at all?


Which aircraft or all aircraft?

Yup, every aircraft.

I tried and it didn’t work.

Hi, try going into settings, controls and then max-out the rudder sensitivity. This should allow you to put it into maximum angle possible (in game at least)

A screen recording uploaded to YouTube would help to get a better idea of what is happening.


I did but only the left side is maxed out, not the right.

Try reversing the rudder and doing the same thing. If the right rudder will be maxed out, it’s probably just you not going all the way

Nothing worked but I simply deleted and reinstalled IF and now it seems to be working, I’m going to test it out now.

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