Rudder Brake While Landing

I was wondering when slowing down on the runway after landing how to use the rudder brake because I have been using the parking brake and I want to use the rudder brake properly. Please let me know! Thank you!

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You should just be able to slide down on the rudder.

So do I turn the rudder all the way to the left or right, but won’t the plane turn sharply or will the brakes activate?

You can use the rudder brake by pulling down on the rudder. Unless you have a short runway you dont need 100 percent, 60-70 will do.

You hold and pull down on the rudder

Is turning down on the rudder just sliding it to the left or right?

no, lierally put your finger on the rudder slide and move your finger down

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No no, you don’t have to turn the rudder. Breaking is a second axis, the rudder control moves left, right, and down, the third one controlled the breaks. You can break while you have left or right rudder in but it can also be an independent action.

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Thank you so much for your help! Greatly appreciated!


No problem, glad to help. Let us know if your still having trouble with it.


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