Rudder brake adjustment

In IF in order to brake you press “brake” which will apply a big amount of pressure, stopping you in a very short amount of time, making it unrealistic.

IRL you apply pressure on the top of the rudder pedals in order to brake. The more pressure you apply, the more braking you’ll get.

The feature request is: considering in IF we have the ability to brake by pulling down on the rudder, it would be great if it was like the more you pull down, the more braking pressure you get.

Not only does this make it more realistic, this would make it easier to taxi into gates. Instead of toggling the brake on and off to stop perfectly, you’ll have the ability to brake slowly but surely to a perfect stop.

Note: This topic is not a request for autobrake.
*There’s a similar topic to this so don’t mistake it for being the same.

That is already in IF. The more you pull down, the more you brake.

Well I mean, this feature already exists in game, I’m not sure if on all aircrafts. But, I can agree that this should be adjusted more and the braking power should increase. Right now when I pull the rudder down the breaking isn’t fast.

You can brake with the rudder by pulling it down, I know. But it’s like a toggle on/off, it’s not variable.

I use the rudder brake most of the time, and it seems as if it’s what you’re requesting.

It’s not progressive or exponential. It’s on/off. This is what the request is about.


Also, (cmiiw) the current rudder pull-down is a hit-or-miss situation particularly when rudder is at far right/left, with no animation to let us know if the brake works (must glance at G/S and it seldom works in a busy situation). Maybe this issue could be improved too. Cheers! :)

This feature has now been added!
Progressive braking on rudder pedal by tapping rudder control and sliding down…

Delivered in 19.4 progressive braking.