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I have been flying a while now but am still finding myself distant from using the trim and rudder.

So kinda two questions:

  1. I am finding myself turning off A/P to find my nose will drop slightly, causing a loss in altitude. I have read tips about this and they mention the trim. Any advice? (I typically fly a 787 or a 319)
  2. I am often turning off A/P and with an ILS landing, finding myself Slightly off the centre line, I try to correct this by using the rudder. Nothing worse than a three hour fly then spinning the plane out on landing. Again, any tips? Am I holding it too long or too harsh?

Thanks in advanced

  1. Make sure the magenta line is gone before you disconnect the AP.
  2. Usually I mess with the rudder just before touchdown to align myself.
    As always #tutorials has a lot of good stuff on this.
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Did you watch the Infinite Flight training videos on YouTube? They provide excellent info on this.


After long flights, when you turn off the AP try Re-calabrate. Tell me if it works. I think it should.

About No. 1, always make sure the right side of your “TRIM” box has no pink line or dot visible, that means the autopilot isn’t applying any pressure to keep level flight, but rather trim does the work. So when you calibrate and disconnect A/P, hold your device steady and the nose won’t pitch up nor down.

About No. 2, even in a crosswind landing, the rudder shouldn’t be used until moments before touchdown, instead you would use ailerons to turn a few degrees off course to re-intercept the localiser. The technique is a bit different for a crosswind as the course and heading of your aircraft are not identical to one another. Basically this means your heading could be let’s say 280 but your aircraft will be heading towards 275 because of the crosswind. Check out the tutorial linked above for more information!

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Great tip re. checking the trim indicator, thanks!

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