Rudder And Camera View Problems On Touchdown

Het IFC,
I’ve been having a very annoying problem lately which is, on touch down in windy conditions you use the rudder but I often have the cameras changed as when I press the rudder button, for some reason the camera is selected as well.
Is there any way to combat this bug?
Thanks a lot!

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Wait, I don’t think I’m getting this. When you try to use the rudder, you accidentally pressed the camera button? Or did the use of the rudder switch your camera view?

How is this a bug? :)
As long as the initial tap is in the correct area, you should be fine.

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I fixed the statement.

Could you give us a video of this “bug”? Maybe, if it’s reproducible, a video can help us debunk this.

Try pressing the rudder more carefully. Does it still happen?

I’ve actually done that and it sometimes works… until I a I turn the rudder to idle.

Probably can’t I mean it’s just a thing that happens every now and then and I don’t have to storage sorry.

As mentioned by @schyllberg, as long as the initial tap is in the correct area, it should not be a problem. By any chance, are you double-tapping?

Do you use any third party apps like IF assistant with shaky cam?

Maybe try restarting your device and if that does not work delete and reinstall Infinite Flight

#support I guess

We have a feature request thread for this let me dig it out.
Here’s the topic-I think this is what you mean.

Edit 2: Wrong topic was above, THIS is the right topic apologies…

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Nope, apart from someties IF checklist

If I delete IF will I keep my grade and everything?

You can try although I doubt it will change anything. But yes everything is saved not your account and IAPs are saved to your store ID so just restore purchases to get them and sign into your IF account to get your sub back with the same stats.

May I ask what IAS are?

In app purchases. As you have a sub though this likely won’t be applicable.

This has happened to me sometimes. I believe the only people who may experience this are those who play on their phones where the button/rudder slider is far smaller than that of a tablet.

I only ever use an iPhone 6, can’t get my account on the iPad.

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