Rudder & Aileron Trim

Have you ever been in a situation where you have trouble using the rudder? Do you wish you could let the rudder stick? Is your focus divided on crosswind landings? Do you also wish you ailerons would stick for a better turn? Well fear not, the Rudder/Aileron trim is for you!

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What is this?

Rudder trim is used for moving the rudder into a position without pilot input. Pilots use this to combat/compensate for strong winds as an alternative to using the pedals. Autopilot also uses rudder trim to compensate for movements. Everything stated above applies to the aileron trim.

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Hacky rudder trim: move the rudder, hit atc panel, rudder won’t move back until you touch the screen again


I always do that

i only do that trick when powered down to imitate this4831289151_754dd982da_n