Rudder/Aileron Deflection While Parked

Rudder/Aileron Deflection at the gate happens when there is no hydraulic pressure, and there happens to be wind at the time which easily causes the Rudder to go to the left or right depending on the direction of the wind. I believe this would be a nice little feature to have to make being at the gate a little more interesting. I know that this might be hard to implement into the game so I’ll be fine if this comes in the far future.
Here is a picture to get a visual on what I am talking about.

There’s a way of “simulating” this already… just calibrate your device in a vertical way, such as standing up, then set it down on a table! To simulate the rudder bit, just tilt it. 😜😂🤣

Interesting request. Would be neat to have this implemented.


There is ‘another’ way. This is what I have been doing for years. Adjust the rudder, full left or right then tap the ATC button and it will hold it in place.


That’s what I do when I park at the gate, although I use the map instead of the ATC icon. This would be interesting though.


That’s what I do with the rudder. As for the elevator, I tilt my device down, arm the VS and drag it to -1200. Works like a charm. As for the ailerons, eh… not a biggy.


What would really be nice is real hydraulics systems. After a flight parks at a gate, the pilots turn the hydraulics off, which results in both the ailerons and elevators tilting down due to the force of gravity. It also cuts the hydraulic power to the rudder (as shown above), and it’s the wind that dictates which way the rudder ends up facing. Interesting request!


I don’t think even xplane11 has this feature lol

Very interesting request! I like it! 😄


I believe some payed aircraft have it.

Of all the things the devs could work on, can’t say this is high on my list, but it would be neat for sure…

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And I thought the pilot intentionally pushed the yoke forward and fix it in that position so that elevators will forever be deflected downwards.

@anon91707592 You will find more info about it here:

this can also happened when turning Off the engines, it does this for all commercial planes so


We can also see this of the elevator and ailerons of -900

Photos by me

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You could vote for this feature, it will allow the exact same thing 👍

Definitely needed on all new aircraft

This would be a great addition! I literally put the trim at -100% to make it look more realistic at the gate 😂