Hello IFC! I’m not sure if everyone has this issue, but it is pretty annoying. I have been noticing that when I’m on final and lined up with the center line, I swipe down on the rudder to brake and slow down, but I end up jerking the rudder and messing up my landing. Has anyone have this happen to them? And how do I stop this from happening? All help is appreciated.


Apply the brakes after your reverse thrust has been turned off (60Knts).


Irl they apply the Brakes at 100kts to slow down the aircraft but it is up to you and how you feel most comfortable. Just dont Reverse 100% N1 please lol.


What I can suggest for you is have your finger on the slider and be ready to slide it down with out having to land then slide down causing a jerk. Although rudder should be necessary upon landing if winds are present

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So if I want the most realistic experience, I apply spoilers and reverse thrust and when I reach 100kts, I keep the spoilers but turn off the reverse thrust and apply the brakes?

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Don’t worry, irl we have rudders that are pressed by feet and brakes on the tippy top. On a screen tho it’s a whole different story. 😂

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I know that, read what I said above.

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Right and I answered your question. If you want as much realism as possible I suggest real life flying. IF is great as a flight simulator, however.

Plus, jets have auto brakes, which is a feature not present on IF.

Not at 100 kts, reverse thrust happens 2 seconds after you hit the ground. No brakes. At 60 kts reverse thrust comes off and progressive braking takes over.

I was talking about IF. If I want the most realistic experience in Infinite Flight, do I apply spoilers and reverse thrust and when I reach 100kts (or 60?) I keep the spoilers but turn off the reverse thrust and apply the brakes?

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So do I stop reverse thrust at 100 kts and apply brakes or 60 kts?

60 kts is when reverse thrust stops. You would still be too fast at 100 kts for manual braking.

So does that mean I stop reverse thrust at 60 kts and apply manual breaking after I have stopped reverse thrust?


Okay, thank you so much for the clarification. I really appreciate your help.

Make sure to arm spoilers before landing.

Yes of course, I wouldn’t forget that.

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You would only use the brake after landing, as these are wheel brakes, so no point in using them in-flight.

But yeah, the issue is something I have to deal with at times too. It’s not a technical issue, but you most likely don’t manage to slide it down exactly center but move the rudder by mistake in the process. Like I said this happened to me before and I recommend you to just train the movement for the rudder brake without moving the rudder a few times on the grounds, as this should solve the issue

As we don’t have an auto brake you have to use the manual brake instead. And not just at 60kts or below. Not 100% brake every time though if that’s what you mean.