RTW Airways Capital Connect @ YSSY - 260200ZNOV16

Server: Training 1

Region: Sydney


Time: 0200Z

Aircraft: E-190, E-170, A318 or Dash 8 Q400, all in generic livery

NOTAM: Join the team at RTW Airways for our second event. We will take off from Sydney, land at Canberra, exit runway, taxi back to the start of the runway and then fly back up to Sydney. The event will be divided into two sectors, YSSY-YSCB and YSSY-YSCB you are welcome to come to both or come for one or the other. The choice is yours!

Flight plan:


The gates in Sydney:

Gate 2-FO2: @Captain_Louis (Leader)
Gate 2-FO3: @Panther
Gate 2-FO4: @Jet_Airways_995
Gate 2-FO5: @Capt1uhb
Gate 2-FO6: @Ranger101
Gate 2-FO7: @Soydepr
Gate 2-FO8: @Flairlight
More gates will be added if required

PM me if you want to participate

Check out the RTW Airways Website!

Here’s our topic!

See you in the skies



Sign me in please


I’m in, thanks!


You can sign me up, also I never received whatever I need to sign up for slack.

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Sent you the invite :)

@Captain_Louis, unfortunately I cannot come to the event due to personal reasons. Please don’t forget to post screenshots, tell me how it was!

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Thank you!

Sadly I can’t get up at 2:00am in the morning for this.

(Yes I know the time is in Zulu but here in England Zulu time is the same as local time)

Im in please

Sign me in…

Is it possible to type the waypoints. Instead of looking at the map

I’m gonna be there about 10 minutes early and I’ll create the flight plan, just copy mine

I would consider moving to expert ts1 is lagging badly today

I will if everyone who signed up is Grade 3 or above

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how i copy plan i am parked at f07 interesting can i save flight plans ?

event has not started? yet ?

Starting in 30 min right?

already parked @ F07

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Same, already parked in Gate2 FO3

dont see u