Rsw flyout @ KRSW - 151900ZMAR20

This is a flyout @KRSW on the 15th of February come and flyout at @RSW it will be fun
Terminal b

Gate. Airline. Destinations. Pilot [/details]
B1. Southwest. Milwaukee
B2. Spirit. Chicago
B3. JetBlue. JFK
B4. Frontier. Denver
B5. JetBlue. San Diego
B6. Southwest. Mdw
B7. Southwest. Stl
B8. Southwest. Oak
B9. Spirit. Bos

Terminal c and d


Gate. Airline. Destinations. Pilot
C1. United. Chicago
D1. American. Jax
C2. American. Jax
D2. American. Slc
C3. United. Mia
C4. United. Bna
C5. Delta. Jfk
C6. Delta. Slc
C7. Delta. Atl
C8. United. Dtw
C9. Delta. Dtw
D3. American. Ord
D4. American. Mia
D5. American. Lax
D6. American. Sfo
D7. Delta. San
D8. American. Avl
D9. American. Lax
D10. American. Jfk

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Hi, this looks great, although you have to be a TL2 user to post in #live:events, just keep liking and posting and you’ll get there! If you’re wondering more just ask.

What does that mean a l2 user what

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Take a look here:

I’d also suggest working more on your event, there’s a few formatting problems and could be informative.

Oh ok well that’s explains something


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But can I still do the flyout

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You’ll be able to host the flyout when you’re TL2. It won’t be long, and also events can only be 30 days ahead so if you stay active each day you’ll be able to proceed without event in no time!

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Ok well thank all and have a good day


As mentioned above, TL2 requirements must be met ;)