RSAF-Silkair Commemorative Event 2017 @ WSSS - 011330ZAPR17

RSAF-SilkAir Commemorative Event 2017

Server: Casual
Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
Airport(s): WSSS, WSAP, WSAT for Silkair, F-14(F-15) and F-16 respectively
Time: 1330Z (2130 LMT)


Gate for RSAF: No restrictions for both aircraft types
Gate for SilkAir: Any gate along Terminal 2 (starting with E and F)

Aircraft for RSAF: F-14 (to represent F-15) & F-16
Aircraft for SilkAir: Airbus A319-100 (Generic A320, B738 allowed but not recommended)

No VATC provided

Join us as we take to the skies to commemorate the inaugural operations of both Silkair and the Republic of Singapore Air Force!

We will be flying round Singapore, showing off the Silkair pride and protecting our sovriegnty :)

Join us at if you have not!*


Airbus A320 is also allowed but not recommended


Event starts in 11 hours time :)
I’ll provide a discord link here closer to the event :))

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The event would start in 2 hours. Get yourself ready! 😉

This is the link to the Discord server
Please note that we will be using Discord for communications

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Event commences in 30 minutes!

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Is the event still on or am I too late?

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