RPM in the Sim

I was curious as to whether RPM could be measured in the sim or not. I know most of you won’t know the answer but a dev or something could let me know that’d be great!

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It’s something that would need a lot of reworking in IF props

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I believe RPM can’t be measured in IF. The closest to that would be the N1 % over the throttle.


@Chad_Garnett… MaxSez: Is there a useful reason for this question or is it curiously? (Need to know before I answer)



Mostly just curiosity. I was thinking about why it wasn’t in the sim.

The usefulness could be that we could set cruising power more realistically.

@Chad_Garnett… Ok Mr. Curious here an aircraft tachometer/hour’s meter for a reciprocators with steam gauges:

IF does not include a Tack/Hr meter in its flight director/HUD/Dash it serves no useful purpose unlike the "N1 Gage on a turbine, In most GA with a 6 pack a Tack is an add on to the stock dash/avionics package.
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