RPLL long flights

Hey IFC! I was wondering, does anyone know the longest flight into RPLL? If so please let me know!

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The currently longest existing flight is

KJFK - RPLL at 16h 40 (calculated with simbrief)

As we dont have the 350 just yet I would suggest using a generic 787 or 777F if u want to be safe on fuel



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Any route that is operated by a plane in IF?

They used to operate a 777 at JFK via Vancouver

If you don’t want a stop, fly to London to by 777

Philippine Airlines 777-300ER London Heathrow

Philippine Airlines 777-300ER Los Angeles (Also can use 747)

Newark (Via Vancouver) (MD-11), New York-JFK (Via Vancouver) (777-300ER),Toronto–Pearson (777-300ER), Vancouver (MD-11/777-300ER)

Philippine Airlines 777-300ER San Francisco (Can also use 747)

Sydney (747-400)


I would think of something like




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Do you plan on doing the route.Btw 777H/ER can do the distance with step climbs


Nah, I’ve decided to just do a short haul

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Ok Enjoy your flight.

Enjoy your flight. I’m doing EGKK-EHAM-RCTP. I’m starting my descent into EHAM from EGKK. Then will do EHAM-RCTP in a KLM 773.

Since no flight straight to Manila suited my time frame for a long haul, I flew earlier today from ORD-SEA and was meant to fly from there to TPE in order to recreate a flight I have done IRL to MNL. However, I realized that there is no Eva Air 77W in IF, so I decided to route through ICN with an Asiana 744.

What’s the point of this post? It can be advantageous to stop in a place prior to your long haul. Additionally, another finding occurred after I found the problem with the Eva Air flight, I decided to hop to Vancouver and fly from there to Taipei with the Air Canada 789. This flight would actually take longer than the Seattle routing, despite their closeness. So, even though connecting through an airport can work better for you, it won’t always be good for your schedule.

Edit: this is general advice

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