RPLL APP Problem

I’ve noticed that when I‘m on final approach into Manila in the game, the APP veers me to the left, and keeps me above the Glideslope.
Device:Ipad Air 5
Operating system: IOS 16.2

Hey there!

What aircraft have you noticed this happen with? Which runways at RPLL does this occur at? If you have a replay during which the issue occurred, could you upload it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com and send us the link here, so we can take a look at this in more detail?

First, I’ve used the A320, then the 757, though I don‘t think the aircraft is the problem, more so the ILS placement.

In that case, please answer the following question:

Runway 24 at RPLL

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I just tested it in an A320.
According to the chart it should be a standerd 3 degrees glideslope.
During final (with APPR) however, it seemed shorter and steeper and I had a hard time slowing down the aircraft.
I had no directional issues. The aircraft intercepted the localizer without issues.

I couldn’t reproduce any of this for either ILS runway ends personally - I was guided perfectly down to the runway by using APPR mode. However, I did find there was a discrepancy in the glideslope angle for both RWY06 and RWY24 - both glideslopes were marginally steeper than they should be according to official documentation. It’s not in a way that anyone would really notice, but regardless, this has now been fixed, in order to match the real-life glideslope angle.

Note that the fix will not be applied immediately - it will come in a future update - but rest assured that this has been taken care of.

@DJW, if APPR guides you off to the side of the runway consistently, it’d be greatly appreciated if you could share a replay of this happening, so we can take a look and see if there is something else that needs to be looked at.


I will in a moment,

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