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Hello all,

In a few days (weather permitting), I’ll be going back to flight training after a few months break (due to covid and money) and I want to ask two questions:
1 - Can I get some assistance, tips/tricks on how to fly better, smoother landings, not looking at instruments as much?

Before commenting I would like to provide some background. I have been learning to fly for around five years now (student pilot that whole time) and only on the 5th of March this year I completed my first solo. I have faced every possible problem from money, time, weather, instructor availability, personal issues, medical clearance and of course making many mistakes and errors. I have spent the last month or so studying for my theory exam (ERSA/VFRG/AIP/theory manuals). Now that I’m doing my first flight in months soon (not the first break or longest either) I really just want to get this syllabus over and done with and get my RPL which is why I ask for your help.

2 - I think anyone who’s flown a plane IRL knows that the aircraft in Infinite Flight isn’t the most accurate and so I want to ask what flight simulator everyone thinks is best for practising (circuits and training area flying).
What I’m specifically looking for:

  • Descent ground imaging and topography for VFR flights.
  • Ability to turn view without changing altitude or heading (I noticed in Infinite Flight I look at the runway on downwind and then the aircraft moves.
  • Realistic physicals, RPM, glide ratio, etc.

What I have/can spend:

  • Apple MacBook Air (2020).
  • iPhone 11.
  • Mouse.
    Can spend up to $200 in total (a lesson for me is $250/h).

Thank you for reading.

Hey @JamesQFA380
I completed my RPL just last month, passing my BAK with a 80%.

Definitely practice, and a lot of it. To save money, fly solo and practice these things. (Unless your flight school charges the same for solo/dual flights).
Understand the surrounding area, height restrictions and all danger areas (memorize your VTC), so you can keep your eyes outside the aircraft. More frequent flying really helps, as you will have the knowledge from previous flights fresh in your mind.

I wouldn’t spend my money on some advanced flight sim. I used the c172 in infinite flight to simulate engine failures, practice stalls, and steep turns on a c152. Trust me, things are a whole lot different in the plane, than in a flight sim.


Hello @Panther,

First off congrats!
While your solo suggestion is good my flight school just keeps going on with the syllabus so there isn’t much free solo time apart from the required 5 hours.
Training area airspace (VTC) is pretty easy, have most of that under my belt. Yeah I’m trying to do at least 2 flights a week which should boost things.
I hear you with the sim, I’ll stick with Infinite Flight for the procedures.

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions!

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