RoyalAirMaroc New Livery.

I personally think that it is the most current beautiful livery of Africa, the new colors of RoyalAirMaroc are beautiful and deserve to be on Infinite flight.
Currently they are deployed on all the fleet.
Now only the 787-9, 737-8, 737-7 and 737MAX8 have it.
Embraer and ATR will have it too.

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Since this is a feature-by-topic request, I think it’s convenient to add to the topic title the aircraft model you want to livery, which I believe to be the B789 in the picture.


Adding on to that, in the #features category, each request can only have 1 livery or 1 aircraft. In your feature, your requesting the new livery for the whole fleet instead of one specific aircraft.


Gotta say i prefer this livery over the IF one. I’m out of votes tho

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But he’s only requesting the livery…he’s not requesting any planes.

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