Royal New Zealand Airforce C130H

The C130H is a popular transport aircraft operated by No.40 Squadron for the RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Airforce). The RNZAF use this aircraft the most for either doing local flights or flights in Afghanistan. The New Zealand Airforce rarely gets recognised and their C130H would be a great addition to Infinite flight for all the New Zealand users like me.

(Picture was taken by me)


Great photo! You must have a secret spotting location to get a crystal clear image as such.


I love seeing this parked up next to the A380 at NZCH when those two are there together. Would be a great addition and nice request. Must find a vote from somewhere. Great idea!

Edit: I found a vote.

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Cough Cough airside nah lol like that would ever happen but it was by the road outside the airport so nothing too secretive. Thx btw i try my hardest with setting and always learning!

Absolutely beautiful aircraft would be good to fly from Antartica to Christchurch

Definitely would love to see the flying kiwi in the game