Royal Jordanian VA

I just resigned from Etihad and LDIF

Royal Jordanian VA is an airline based in JFK and LHR (at the mean time, when AMM is added to Global Flight, our base will be AMM.)


  • A319 Generic
  • A320 Generic
  • A321 Generic
  • B742 Generic (Retro, only use in Events)
  • B787 RJ Livery(Soon)
  • E-175 Generic
  • E-195 Generic


  • any route between 2 airport is good for now, when AMM get added, routes will be ONLY from real life and with real Callsign (use Flight-tracker and Royal Jordanian Website ) .

CEO:- @R_Jordanian
COO:- @eli_Mumm
Route and Fleet manager:- @a380fan
Website manager:- Vacant
Pilot manager:(also PIREP Manager)- Vacant
Slack Manager:- Pilot Managet
Event manager:- Vacant
Recruiters:- CEO, COO, Pilot manager, 1 more Vacant
Pilots:- Unlimited Vacants

Is to be the biggest VA in IF and to make pilots having fun.

To join Post Down or Private Message me.

Now how to join VADC and these things?


Haha you see a peak of the livery for the B787 and you resign and form your own, I bet your dream has come true 😂, good luck with it by the way


I’ll be help

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The link is busted


Bumping this Again, Please Join as the RJ 787 Released!

Can I be the route and fleet manager?

I’d like to join

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TheRedeemer:- As what?

@a380fan Sure !

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Thanks, just realised I was supposed to pm you

Added you to the list

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As a pilot and because the RJ 787 is soooooooo cool.

Can someone Make the Website? PM Me

I’m interested! How do I join?

When the Website Is ready

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