Royal Jordanian A320 livery

Hello folks…
First of all I would like to thank IF developers for their amazing continuous work on developing this amazing simulator for smart phones and tablets… You guys are amazing and deserve every single word of complement…
I would like to ask for adding a Royal Jordanian livery on an A320 aircraft as it’s the most used aircraft in the fleet… It’s also has an amazing colors blend and logo…
Would love to get votes on my first feature request…

Photo: Joost Alexander from

You have my vote, something attracts my eye about their livery, and with the live cockpit in the A320 family i think this would be amazing


Appreciate your vote mate🙏

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My vote as well. Royal Jordanian is one of my favorite liveries!

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Hope to get more votes🙄

I love It, but unfortunately I ran out of votes. :(

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Thank you dear for participating 🙏🌹

Hope to get more votes for this livery request🌹

How i missed this topic from August ?

Anyway, first of all you definitely have my vote

Second you definitely have all my respect

Third finally someone who in love with RJ


Thanks buddy for giving your time to vote… I appreciate it… It’s actually my home airline and would particularly love to get the livery on an A320 aircraft cause it’s the predominant aircraft in the fleet… Happy flying 😉🌹

Stunning livery !!

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Thank you 🙏

Got my vote. Beautiful livery that is

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@RoyalJordanian Check this out.


Appreciate it🙏

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