Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

Yesterday I went to RIAT 2016. This is the worlds biggest military airshow in RAF Fairford, England where countries from around the world demonstrate their aircraft with 40 flying displays and 1.5 miles worth of static displays. Here are some snaps I took and thought I’d share (apologies for the bad angles, I’m no pro photographer and those guys got there at 6am for the best spots).

The A400M, or ‘Atlas’ to us Brits, this does an excellent display for a large prop aircraft:

RAF Red Arrows

The United States Air Force and Marines brought over a bunch of aircraft, including the V22 Osprey, F22 Raptor, F15 Eagle and the highlight acts, the F-35A & F-35B. The F-35’s made their debut flight outside of the US at RIAT and the first demonstration of the aircraft to the second biggest buyer of the type. Here the F-35A did a fly past with the F-22 Raptor:

V-22 Osprey:

A flypast of the Red Arrows, RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and the U.S. F-35B in typical British weather…


The F-35B hovering to the crowd:

Runway had to be cleaned up as the downblast caused more wind than expected…


and here she is parked up with 3 armed police officers guarding it for some reason:

Did anyone else attend?


Wow! Cool pictures ;-)

I would LOVE to see more.


I would of f***** it and jumped into the cockpit of the F-35B

And you would be shot my friend 🤕🔫


wot happens if i got teh plane movin and already in the ski >:D

Then you wil get shot down my friend 💣 there is no way you will get away with it very resolution results in your death

whut happens if superman flys me somewhere?

Very cool pics, thanks for sharing! What did you think of the F-35 in person?

I know there is a lot of negative talk out there, but most of that talk comes from people who have never even seen the plane in real life.

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And I would not fly the F-35 not because the danger of being shot but the danger of IF’s crash screen in real world 🛩💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I was also there

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I’m no expert on how this aircraft will perform but I thought it was very neat, especially alongside the F-22, together they really are the future of military aircraft. That was the first time I’ve seen a VTOL and the vertical landing was a lot louder than I thought (seeing as they use increased thrust) but it’s something I’d reccomend anyone to go and see!

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