Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) C-130J Super Hercules

I would love to have this in Infinite Flight! This is a beautiful plane and livery to have!
Fellow friends, I searched for a duplicate, but could not find on!


Great aircraft, but I moved it to features for you (:

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Thanks I forget things when I rush ☺

Very nice, we definitely need more Air Force liveries. Don’t forget the RAAF! @Mats_Edvin_Aaro did you forget the 1 picture per feature request rule? :-P

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And if this ever copmes the Ski version for da SkiBirds. But cool livery though.

I’d love to see this aircraft! They fly into an airport near me and my uncle has been on one of the skibirds (he was the base commander where they are based out of) to Greenland! He took me on a tour of the base and I saw the skibirds and they looked so cool!

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Hm. Lol, I guess I did…

That’s fine it happens to everyone

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