Royal Australian Air Force C-130J

I am requesting the C-130j the j not the others like in this Topic

I went onto the RAAF website and found this ok proof p.s. Would be great for a hotfix @Laura I know you said you are 100% on global but please


One photo per topic pls

Also I really want this

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Which one tho

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Also I know this rule but one is for specs ?

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Preferably the one with the aircraft. (the entire aircraft)


Keep the one with the aircraft, then copy the specs

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We already have the C-130J so no need for specs


Sorry, the one in the background of my request is a J


All I want form this post is that the livery is added XD

But then your requesting more than one thing
Remember one request per topic
Yes I got you in all respects I mean not to hurt

I said that I wanted only one of the aircraft in the picture, mainly the newest one (the J). So that’s what I’m requesting just to clarify :-)

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You said would be the best would
Ok now I’m being annoying brat

I feel this has actually turned into an argument