Royal Australian Air Force Bombardier Challenger 600

The RAAF operates three of these (A37-001 through -003) alongside the 737BBJ as transport for the Australian Government. They are like the shorter, private version of the CRJ200. It would be an interesting addition with the Air Force and private operator liveries.

Photo link:

Credit to Benjamin Freer

Also view the RAAF 737BBJ request below:


I have seen these before. I saw them the same day I saw the RAAF 737

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They’re unusual little bizjets aren’t they? Would satisfy our government transport needs in global 😉
And of course they are the jets that have been taking our ministers on luxury holidays and ripping off taxpayers…


True (don’t start with The Politicans spending taxpayer dollars again)

It’s the CRJ .5 !

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It’s so tiny it’s cute but would enjoy seeing this little guy in the sim

Would have to say that this is my favorite Aussie Air Force aircraft, so slick!

Yeah, it’s a real beautie. Even slicker than the BBJ.

That woman in politics did a high price holiday and didn’t use her own money

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Back on topic

It looks like a really nice plane and would rival the Cessna citation on IF

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Have been inside both the RAAF 737BBJ and Challenger, very nice aircraft.

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Please do not spread false information. This aircraft was not a contender in the recent poll. Vote as normal for the feature.

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I didn’t spread false information, the Challenger was developed into the CRJ100 and CRJ200. I never said it will come, I said hopefully.

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