Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-700

Our Prime Minister flies everywhere in this one:
This was taken at Canberra YSBC airport (not my photo).


Would love this livery in IF !


Yes I just saw it on the news and made a topic


I liked this and the kangaroo logo its top on the front. :-)
Employed also all nations Air Force.

Yes I like the kangaroo :-)

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Its will be cool there have Kangaroo logo a boxgloves. Then is excellent boxing in Real. :-)

But it was meant to be retired by the end of last year that was when the lease ended

Well it’s still flying the PM around!

It’s a BBJ version of the -700, technically, - but yeah, would be cool to have at some point in the future.

It was meant to be replaced by crj-200 by February

Would fit in well with all the other BBJ liveries in IF, and would be a good mate of the Challenger. I wish there were more of these liveries on commercial jets like the 787 too. And my mistake, the RAAF operates two of these, A36-001 and A36-002.


Looks fantastic!

Not as good as the Challenger unfortunately, as it doesn’t have the nice “wave” look on the nose.