Royal Australian Air Force Airbus A330-200

The Royal Australian Air Force operates Airbus A330-200 used for refuelling aircraft and transporting troops.


The proper name would be the A330MRTT right? :))

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Yeah, that’s the long name :-)

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Actually it’s still of the same length hahaha


Both takes up 8 spaces! :D

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Well, it’s the technical name then

Hahaha I think I once joked about putting the UK’s David Cameron inside an MRTT :P

Not sure if my joke is still around…

Anyways I didn’t realize you typed both purposes

I didn’t see the “troops” part so I was wondering why a MRTT would have doors on it 😂

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Yeah, this one’s used for multitasking ;-)

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That is epic! :)

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We need it @YSRI Richmond Airport,(Sydney Region) If i when Landing @YSRI, there ask not avaible @ this Airport pls take Military Livery.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Would be nice to see it @YSRI.


Yeah, we need a special aircraft for the Sydney region :-) and Richmond

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speaking as Richmond Tower, Mayday we need emergency defensive Australian liviries over. 😉👍🏼

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